Radiation Test Engineer

Are you ready for the challenge? Does solving unique problems energize you? 

Cobham Gaisler is a leading global technology and service innovator, who provides solutions for the most challenging problems, in extreme environments, from deep space to the depth of the ocean. We have a market leading position in process solutions for space, including satellite communications. We help our customers to increase the safety and mission capabilities of their personnel and equipment.

We are a customer-oriented company with fast response to market demands. We are an innovative company where resources are prioritized to offer our customers the best possible solutions. You will be part of an international company where we collaborate with customers and industry colleagues worldwide, joining a company with a market leading position the vibrant Space Market. Our offices are located in the heart of Gothenburg. 

Job Description
In this position, you will be part of the radiation test team at Cobham Gaisler being responsible for development of electronic test systems, test planning, tests execution and test reporting. Radiation testing of our products and IPs is a key function in our product development process demonstrating the performance in harsh space environments. With the complexity of our products we perform test development in-house in our electronic lab facility while actual testing is performed at external accelerator facilities, in Europe and worldwide. Thus, this job will include travelling. With radiation testing being part of the development process of our product, you will be one of the first users of our products. You will need to learn, with support from our Software and Hardware design engineers, how to design-in and use our products. Each new product will be a new challenge that you are willing to take.

Radiation testing of our products is a key element servicing the space market. Your radiation test report will be one of the first thing our potential customers will ask for and you have the change to make difference.

"It has been two years since I joined the company. What I enjoy the most is that the company allows me to work on inspiring and innovative technology for a very challenging and exciting industry. I believe that my job will allow me, in the short-term, to become an industry expert in my field in which others can go to for ideas and help. 

I think that the company’s leadership is well structured. I appreciate the fact that my Section Head is very technical and always willing to discuss problems and solutions. At the same time, the company’s general manager is very transparent and is always very excited about what we do. I believe that such an organization motivates all the employees to keep doing their best."

- Lucas Antunes Tambara, Components Engineer

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The ideal candidate has good skills with electronics and can work independently as well as in a team. You have a dedication for engineering, have analytical skills and are innovative.

  • Master’s degree in Electrical or Physics Engineering or equivalent
  • Good skills in digital and analogue electronics
  • Fluent in English and preferably Swedish

To be successful with us, we see that you have prior experience in some of the following areas:

  • Electronic design and testing
  • Radiation testing at accelerator facilities
  • Component engineering
  • VHDL, Verilog,C-programming or other programming languages

For further information, please contact Fredrik Sturesson 0739-77 60 93, Cobham Gaisler.

With these skills we believe that you will be an asset to our team and welcome your application


About Cobham Gaisler
Cobham Gaisler is a world leader in processor development for harsh environments. The key products are synthesizable processor models together with the GRLIB development environment and IP library which can be used in both ASICs and FPGAs. These are provided either as source code or as components developed in-house. In addition Cobham Gaisler develops hardware debuggers, compilers, simulators and open source software, such as operating systems and device drivers. Read more at www.gaisler.com

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