Computer Architect
Gothenburg, Sweden

Are you ready for the challenge? Does solving unique problems energize you? 
Cobham Gaisler is a leading global technology and service innovator, who provides solutions for the most challenging problems, in extreme environments, from deep space to the depth of the ocean. We help our customers to increase the safety and mission capabilities of their personnel and equipment.
We are a customer-oriented company with fast response to market demands. We are an innovative company where resources are prioritized to offer our customers the best possible solutions. 
If you are the right fit for us, we can offer you assistance to relocate. You will be part of an international development team where we collaborate with customers and industry colleagues worldwide. We are centrally located in the heart of Gothenburg.

"I have worked at Cobham Gaisler for five years and have over 20 years experience from ASIC/FPGA development. I like that we have an open communication between colleagues and flexible hours. We work in an international environment with tasks that require advanced technical knowledge, that gives me the opportunity to develop within my profession, and I get to use my experience and skills daily. I enjoy a global interaction and exciting assignments within the space industry.

It´s rewarding to work with dedicated colleagues that are experts within their field. Our office are centrally located in Gothenburg and we have a fantastic view. Our management believes in the team and gives us opportunities to develop within our field and support when needed.

"Microcontrollers for Embedded Space Applications" is an exciting project together with the European Space Agency, ESA.  I work as a project manager as well as a designer for hardware and test systems. I enjoy being part of the whole process from specification to a finished product used by our customers to build advanced satellites. If everything goes according to plan, our microcontroller will be sent out in to space on board ESA´s microwave telescope, ATHENA, to help scientists better understand the mysteries of space.

- Fredrik Johansson, Hardware Engineer


Job description
As a computer architect engineer, your expertise is welcomed and will be essential to our processor development. You will work in an international environment exposed to the latest technology. As a part of our experienced processor team, you will take part in the development of our next generation processors. In addition, you will define new system-on-chip solutions based on our IP cores and take them through the complete ASIC/FPGA flow
  • Involved in the development of our next generation RISC-V and SPARC processors
  • Monitor the market to keep our processor solutions competitive
  • Define new systems and solutions based on our IP core library
  • Development performed by using VHDL and targets ASIC as well as FPGA
  • Supporting customer development through continuous improvements and regular updates
  • Our hardware portfolio consists of everything from bus infrastructure, system peripherals, and communication controllers up to microprocessors

The ideal candidate is someone who thrives on solving complex problems, is a great communicator and is able to work independently as well as in a team, to build solutions together. We value your expertise and will give you the opportunity to further develop your competence and contribute to our solutions. You have an interest in new technologies and an analytical mindset. 
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • Excellent knowledge in computer architecture and microprocessor design 
  • Previous experience working with VHDL, Verilog and C-programming
  • Fluent in English and preferably Swedish

To be successful with us, we see that you have prior experience in some of the following areas:
  • Computer architecture, microprocessor design, RISC-V, SPARC
  • FPGA tools from Altera, Microsemi and Xilinx
  • ASIC design using Synopsys and Cadence synthesis tools, DFT and PG
  • ASIC/FPGA design for aerospace applications
With these skills we believe that you will be an asset to our team and welcome you application.
For further information, please contact Martin Rönnbäck, Cobham Gaisler at 031-7758670 or recruitment consultant Malou Magnusson at 0707-588745, Intenso Teknikrekrytering 

About Cobham Gaisler
Cobham Gaisler is a world leader in processor development for harsh environments. The key products are synthesizable processor models together with the GRLIB development environment and IP library which can be used in both ASICs and FPGAs. These are provided either as source code or as components developed in-house. In addition Cobham Gaisler develops hardware debuggers, compilers, simulators and open source software, such as operating systems and device drivers.

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