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We use competency-based recruitment, supplemented with search and headhunting. Our recruitment process starts with an analysis of your needs and target group, as well as an evaluation of how you can attract the relevant skills in relation to the market’s supply of suitable candidates.

To reach your target group, we publish tailored material on platforms carefully selected from a marketing perspective. This not only creates visibility for your advertised position, but also highlights your own brand and your Employer Brand.

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How do we succeed?

Recruiting competent personnel in engineering, tech and IT is difficult and time-consuming work, and success relies on knowledge, commitment and structure. We have all that, and as a niche search company focusing on technology and IT, we also have a large candidate network and knowledge of each specific target group.

In order to attract the right candidates, we need to understand the stated target group and what they value in terms of their working life. Our processes often reveal a very limited selection of candidates, most of whom are already currently working. It is then our job to communicate the benefits of our client’s offer so that the candidate senses the value of moving to do the same job somewhere else.

We help achieve growth targets

We see ourselves as a partner to our clients. We work closely with them to guide and help formulate benefits and uniqueness that are attractive to the target group. This partnership is at the heart of the process when we represent a company to candidates. We become an extension of the HR department, hiring managers and internal recruiters, provide feedback and updates on the candidate market on an ongoing basis.


How do we do it? 

Having conducted a thorough needs analysis, we develop the best, most cost-effective solution for each specific need and company. That may involve managing the recruitment process on your own, or enlisting the help of our experienced recruitment consultants. We are a long-term, strategic partner.  

We set the conditions for a successful recruitment during the requirements profile meeting. By asking the right questions and challenging our client, we can become familiar with the business and focus in on the target group to ensure there is a match in the market.


Competency-based recruitment

We continue with a close dialogue throughout the process, with communication and cooperation being key factors in a successful recruitment. Our experienced recruitment consultants search for, attract, interview and quality-assure candidates. Our approach involves competency-based recruitment, which means that throughout the process we focus on the skills required for the position in question, and on ensuring that the right skills are recruited in relation to the needs of the business.

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