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Do you want to recruit on your own? With our recruitment concept GDS we make it simple for you to do it yourself. We provide assistance with job advertising and access to our recruitment tool, you do the rest.

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Recruit on your own with Intenso

With our GDS concept, you will receive assistance with job advertising and access to a large network of qualified candidates within engineering, tech, and IT. To your help you will have access to our recruitment tool, Masterhelp.

We adapt your job ad to attract the right target group and to achieve maximum exposure in search engines.

We guarantee that the job ad is published on suitable platforms, at the right time to the most favorable price.

The ad is matched against our extensive network of over 10,000 candidates with knowledge and interest in the field of technology.

Our recruitment tool Masterhelp is GDPR-secured and facilitates your administrative work.

Access to guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Possibility to upgrade to one of our more consultative recruitment services if necessary.

Do-It-Yourself Recruitment

Are you planning to recruit on your own and are looking for a recruitment tool that is easy to use and that frees up time for other tasks? Then let our recruitment concept GDS be your next investment.

In this concept, you have access to our user-friendly recruitment tool, Masterhelp, and assistance from specialists to design an appealing and well-designed job ad. Afterwards, we make sure that the ad is published at the right time on the platforms included in your selected package, and then send out matching e-mails in our network.

You manage the remaining process yourself in Masterhelp, where you will have complete control of your ongoing recruitments. The tool provides a clear overview of all applications, simplifies the candidate selection process, and enables seamless communication with the applicants.

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Advertising platforms

Various positions require different advertising platforms. Our specialists will gladly provide guidance on which channels that suit your vacancy the best. Making the correct choice of advertising channel is effective! Therefore, we constantly work to evaluate, test, and negotiate with what we believe to be the best players on the market. Thanks to our negotiated prices, we can offer advertising packages to a significantly more favorable cost than if you were to purchase each platform separately.



In addition to advertising platforms, we always fine-tune and quality-assure your draft, by making sure that your job ad has an appealing layout and is adapted for all devices. We recommend that you create a personalized landing page, featuring interviews and testimonials from your employees. By using your own image and video content, you can create the desired atmosphere and leave a personal impression of the company.

Advertising packages

We have established partnerships with numerous advertising platforms and offer customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Here are some of our most popular advertising solutions. You are more than welcome to contact us for more information on how we can assist you.


18 000 SEK


22 000 SEK

Social media

fr. 6 900 SEK

Recruitment possibilities

We always provide the possibility of professional assistance with all or parts of the recruitment process. Regardless of when the need arises, you can receive additional support from our talented recruitment consultants.

If you would like more information about the services we offer, or if you have any questions about job advertising and GDS, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Intenso Teknikrekrytering is a part of Intensogruppen, and together we are a nationwide comprehensive supplier of recruitment services. If you are looking for non-tech related positions, you are welcome to contact our sister companies.

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