We recruit leaders and specialists in Engineering and IT.

Why Intenso?

Recruiting competent personnel in engineering, tech and IT is difficult and time-consuming. Our success is based on knowledge, commitment, and structure. We are a specialized search company, focusing on Engineering and IT. In addition we have an extensive network and a large database of candidates, from various businesses. We stay on top of latest trends and market changes for each specific target group.


What do we do?

We certainly don’t sit around waiting for the perfect candidate – we actively seek them out.

There are many candidates with the right skills, but they often already have jobs and are not looking to make a change. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not open to new job opportunities, if the right offer were to come along. That’s where the concept of search comes in. In other words, we actively seek out and attract potential candidates.

Search recruitment

“Our goal is to play an important part in our clients achieving their growth targets.”

Nicole Diener

Regional Manager West

Camilla Sylvén

Head of Business Operations

“Fantastic, very professional, well worked. The team was responsive, cooperative and put us as the customer in focus.”

Glenn Nordfelt


“Good response in the meeting, I felt that you had an understanding of the assignment.”

Åsa Friis

Head of project department

”We have previously had good experiences of working with you at Intenso.”

Maria Blidberg

HR Manager

“We chose you as a partner as you are specialists in engineering, tech & IT, with a large database of candidates and search as a complement.”

How do we operate?

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