Recruitment selection

Getting the recruitment selection right is an important part of finding the right candidate. Through selection, we can identify the talent best suited to each specific role. 


Face-to-face interviews and profile analysis 

In our recruitment selection, we use a carefully designed process to identify and assess candidates who fulfil the established profiles. We use competency-based interview techniques, personal profile analyses and, in some cases, G-tests. These interviews and analyses allow us to assess candidates. We consider aspects including their background, current situation, motivational factors, developmental orientation, professional knowledge and skills, and overall capacity. 


Comprehensive evaluation

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of candidates, we take various factors into account. These include educational qualifications, work experience, salary requirements, notice periods, references and background checks. This allows us to ensure the thorough evaluation of each individual candidate.

Skills-based approach

Our skills-based assessment is rooted in a detailed mapping of key competences. Through in-depth interviews and situational case studies, we identify candidates’ skills. Combined with work samples and references, we get an overall picture of the candidate. We use this method to obtain more varied and comprehensive assessment techniques that help us to draw reliable conclusions about candidates’ competences and potential in the position to be filled.