Personality and aptitude tests

Conduct personality profile analyses and aptitude tests to help determine the best candidate for the role. 

Certified in MPA, CORE and ACE

All of our recruitment consultants are certified by Master Sverige AB. Master Sverige provides us with occupational psychology tests and analysis tools, allowing us to work with the MPA personality test, the CORE logic test and the ACE cognitive ability test. 


Master Person Analysis (MPA) 

MPA is a quasi-ipsative personality test. The test measures nine personality traits in three main areas: ego drive, social factors and work style. The results consist of responses from 160 statements and relate to a large national norm group. The results are analysed and describe how the candidate is placed on the right or left side of a horizontal axis, where the centre is the average of the norm group. 

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The MPA test’s three different areas

Ego drive 

Ego drive measures the candidate’s performance focus, self-assertion and energy utilisation

Social factors 

Social factors provide insight into the candidate’s emotional control, social contact and trust

Work style 

The work style category measures characteristics such as detail orientation, confidence and abstract orientation


CORE – Logistics test

CORE is a non-verbal test designed to assess logical reasoning skills. This is the level at which an individual understands, reasons, learns and solves problems and is an appreciation of the underlying potential of any task that requires logical thinking. It predicts various professional outcomes, including job performance, speed and learning. CORE is suitable for any role in a process where an assessment of capacity is needed. 

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Aid To Capacity Evaluation (ACE)

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The ACE test’s three different areas 

Numerical ability 

Verbal ability

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