Masterhelp recruitment tool

Managing a recruitment in our proprietary recruitment tool Masterhelp ensures that the process is efficient and GDPR-compliant. 


Save time with Masterhelp recruitment tool

Masterhelp is used in all our recruitments as well as by our clients who choose to handle the recruitment themselves. When you use the Masterhelp recruitment tool, you can save up to 80% of your time spent on administrative tasks while reaching the top candidates in our network and using carefully selected advert packages.

Benefits of the Masterhelp recruitment tool

Time saving

Using the automated communication features of the Masterhelp recruitment tool, you can save a lot of time by quickly and easily reviewing and rating applications. Need to invite another person to join the project? No problem! It’s easy to add users with a range of authorisation levels. 


Facilitate your communication with candidates by easily creating bulk mailings or sending separate emails. Good communication in a recruitment process strengthens your brand. In Masterhelp, you can clearly see which candidates have been rejected or rated as being of interest. You can also see if the candidate has already been seen in a previous process. 

Company structure 

If necessary, we can help you to set up your company structure so that you have an overview of the entire group’s recruitments. By assigning a range of authorisation levels, you can define who can access all the information, and who can only access a specific company or an individual project.