Landing page

Stand out in the job vacancy jungle and strengthen your employer brand with a landing page. 

Attract and inspire

We are constantly evaluating and developing the way we optimise job adverts to ensure the quality of what we publish. Our insights are based on a mix of our own insights, research and external information, and together these have shown us the importance of presenting personalised and inspiring adverts to get the desired results. By combining text with video, images and smiling people at work, we ensure that the candidate immediately gets a positive image of your organisation. 


Provide deeper insight

A landing page is customised according to your company’s graphic profile and responses from the prospective managers are collected. They are asked to describe what they are like as a leader, what the best thing about the company is, or perhaps talk about the role’s biggest challenge. 

A useful addition might also be to introduce one or more future colleagues. What made them choose to work at the company in the first place and how do the different parts of the company work together? This provides a deeper insight into the company to increase candidates’ interest in the position.