Job advert layout

When it comes to writing a good job vacancy advert that attracts the right candidates, there are a number of things to consider. Just throwing together a brief text and hoping for the best is rarely successful. 

Writing job adverts

When we start the process of writing a job vacancy advert for your position, we consider everything from your offer and what is important to the target group, to SEO and how we can best maximise your advert’s visibility. To increase the chances of capturing your target group’s attention, which is often already heavily targeted by job adverts, we attach great importance to making your job advert stand out from the crowd. 

Want to know how? We explain the most important elements below. 


Job title 

Getting the role right in a job advert is of utmost importance. Right in this case does not necessarily refer to the job title, but more to what the target group is likely to search for. Why? If a job advert doesn’t appear in the search results, it won’t be shown to candidates, and an advert that nobody sees won’t get any applications. Therefore, choosing the right job title from the start saves time and money. 

Job advert heading

Job advert’s keywords 


Your job requirements 

Before we start drafting your job advert, we will work together to establish a job requirements profile. Keeping requirements reasonable is important to avoid the risk of losing interesting applications. If the requirements are perceived as being too demanding or even unimportant for the position, there is a risk that candidates will choose not to apply because they feel that they do not fulfil the requirements. 

What you offer 


Job advert’s images 

Choosing the right images for your job advert is more important than you might think. We use images to convey a feeling for the company, and images of people convey emotions best. Images of happy, potential future colleagues result in a more personalised experience and more applicants than product images. 



The time at which your advert is published is actually a very important factor. Thanks to a wealth of statistics – our own and those of our partners – we have identified a clear trend. Candidates are most active at the beginning of the week, so this is when your job advert should be published to capture their attention and appear high up in the search results when they are actively searching for a job. Otherwise, you risk wasting the best potential exposure times on days that don’t produce results.