In-depth target group analysis


Engaging the target group

To create the right conditions for engaging the target group, we conduct a thorough and in-depth analysis to determine how best to implement the assignment to achieve a successful outcome. 


In the analysis, we specify the areas of importance to you through the questions below.


What is the current availability of the skills you are seeking


What are the challenges in the candidate market? 


Are the requirements reasonable in relation to other offers on the market?


Where are your target groups and how do we best attract them? 


How does your employer brand compare to your competitors’ brands? 


How strong is your offer in relation to your target group’s expectations?


What do your colleagues in the workplace say about you as an employer? 


Evaluation of past recruitments, what can we do better? 


How do we set up an efficient recruitment process for success? 

Candidate engagement

Based on the results, our marketing department designs the following materials to attract the target group. 

  • Advert tailored to the target group 
  • Social media campaigns 
  • Landing page specially designed for the assignment 
  • Carefully selected suppliers for the right exposure 

Get to know your target group

The advert and marketing material is used to support us in marketing the vacancy by actively seeking out candidates. At the end of the assignment, we compile a report on the candidates’ feedback to help you better attract the desired target group. 

The analysis can be purchased as a pre-study before the start of the assignment. The analysis is particularly suitable for areas of expertise where there is strong competition and where several assignments are to be carried out simultaneously.