Background checks 

We recommend carrying out a background check on the candidate to be hired. Working with our supplier SRI, we offer a range of comprehensive background checks.

We recommend that a background check is always performed on the candidate to be hired, and together with our supplier, we offer a range of background checks depending on the position you are recruiting for. The most basic level is Screen, where we retrieve and transcribe information concerning occurrences in different sub-areas. The process is carried out without conducting any detailed analysis or linking the background check to the position for which the candidate is being considered. We deliver material that quickly and efficiently informs our clients whether a candidate is suitable to proceed in the application process or be hired, or whether there are circumstances that call for more detailed analysis. The way this check is designed makes it job-independent, so it is possible to use at any stage of the recruitment process, either to screen candidates, or as a final check before hiring. 

Specialist background check

Background checks are not a must

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