Presentation phase

In the presentation phase, you will be given a login to the Candidate room, which is a secure and convenient way to access the candidate presentation. 


Candidate room 

In the final selection phase, we put together the most qualified candidates for presentation on our Candidate room platform. As our client, you will have access to the platform where the candidates we recommend for final interview are presented with a comprehensive summary that includes a report about each candidate. 

Presentation content

Our presentation includes the following key elements 

CV and qualifications

We present each candidate with a detailed CV highlighting their educational background, work experience and relevant achievements. We also include their qualifications to provide a holistic view of their academic performance. 

Personal profile and capacity 

Each candidate’s personal profile and capacities, generated through our testing platform, are included to provide in-depth insights into their driving and social factors as well as work style. 


Our recruitment consultants provide a personalised assessment combining their expertise with observations during the selection process.